Let’s get acquainted

“Don’t be a dreamer. Snap out of it and make your dreams a reality”

Hi. I’m Merav. So nice to see you here.
Welcome to my world and you are more than welcome to dive in.

The Beginning

Actually, it has chosen me more than I chose it, but I gave it a push (-:
I’m a graduate of Fashion Design Schools in Milan and Rome and my studio “Solo Merav” was established in 1994. I have a love for raw materials, which is actually a fetish and I draw my ideas from daily situations. Then, I create.

Work Ethics

With over 20 years of experience, while leading most sophisticated and elegant styles, I search the highest quality of materials, meticulous stitching and attention to detail.
In the studio, I design in collaboration with a highly experienced team where we design and manufacture wedding and evening gowns, and casual wear tailor-made. We love every minute of it.


Soft lines that emphasize the curves of the female body while retaining a sexy mystery that offers an original and innovative bridal gown. Further to my initial idea, there is deep thinking and great emphasis on an uncompromising meticulous quality of sewing. I do believe that every one of us needs and has to do what they love and enjoy every minute of it. As it turns out, I love fulfilling dreams.


My biggest inspiration is, of course, my brides. During fittings, I’m exposed to a bride’s wishes, so I get to invent creative solutions for each bride. The balance between femininity and sexiness is the foundation and it is what harmonizes my designs. My imagination never rests, ideas hit me while I’m sleeping, and I find myself sketching in the middle of the night. It beats dreaming every time.


My studio goes beyond designing and creating a gown. I learn from each bride that I’m lucky enough to meet, as I’m exposed to new and different worlds. By working with brides of all faiths I learned so much and discovered over and over again a whole world I had never known or imagined. But most importantly, I discovered and still do every single day, wonderful people.

The moment

I think that the initial OMG moment is right after the wedding, when I meet the bride and she tells me how beautiful she felt and how happy she is.  I want my life to be filled with countless moments like these.


Hi again. If you’ve made it till here, I do believe we have many things in common. The most important one? We both want you to be the most beautiful, sexiet, inspirational and of course, the happiest. So smile, you’re definitely on your way.